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Love's Taking Over

by Danita Mumphard

Released 02/14/2015
DTM Music Group
Released 02/14/2015
DTM Music Group
This smooth soul album features eight smooth, jazzy, soulful, and passionate songs that will help set the mood just right for you and that special someone.
'Love's Taking Over' is currently winning the affections of the soul fraternity and one tune in particular is creating major waves.... the lovely, gentle, laid-back 'Sincerely Yours'. Produced (like the entire album) by husband Robert Mumphard Jr, the song has the feel of Deniece Williams' 'Free' about it. It begins with a short instrumental shimmer before Ms M glides gently over a tender lyric with the same understated passion and purity of Niecey.... one of 2015's best so far and worth investigating.

"This new album is very impressive release. The killer track is the opening tune, which has echoes of the Deniece Williams evergreen, ‘Free’. Entitled ‘Sincerely Yours’, it would be a real shame if this song is lost in the mass of pasteurised/homogenised and regurgitated ‘same as it ever was’, which seems to be bulging at the radio wave seams. Danita’s voice comes through with great purity and clarity, and is a definite recommendation in 2015, for those who are looking for something more in their music these days. ‘Into You’, ‘Crazy’ (great groove in this track), and ‘Wait Until The Time Is Right’ (another winner), all go to make this album well worth picking up. You can pick up Danita’s back catalogue on CD Baby. Worth the entrance fee for ‘Sincerely Yours’ alone.... Recommended stuff.


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