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Watch God Work

by Danita Mumphard

Released 2007
DTM Music
Released 2007
DTM Music
Soulful music reaches its zenith with Danita Mumphard’s soothing blend of gospel and jazz.
Soulful music reaches its zenith with Danita Mumphard’s soothing blend of gospel and jazz. For those who love music for its calming, meditative effects, Danita’s voice will surpass expectations.

Danita, the featured singer with the legendary jazz group
Trio Trés Bien and a finalist in the national 2005 Kraft Gospel Talent Search, is making a name for herself in the gospel and jazz worlds. Danita, a soprano with incredible range, calls her style smooth jazz gospel. “Gospel and jazz aren’t worlds apart,” Danita said. “Both allow for artistic expression, and both move people in indescribable ways.”

For Danita, both jazz and gospel represent freedom. With jazz, she enjoys the freedom to improvise, scat and hit stratospheric notes. With gospel, she is free to express her abiding love of God and her fellow man with inspiring vocals.

Danita’s new CD, “Watch God Work,” features 15 contemporary, traditional and smooth jazz gospel songs. Original compositions “Keeps On Blessing Me” and “Worthy Is The Lamb” will keep you enthralled. Danita’s intricate vocalizations give favorites like “To Teach Me” and “The Prayer” new inspiration.

Danita has enriched numerous jazz and gospel performances. Her appearances at the Whitaker Jazz Festival and St. Louis Divas Show, to name a few, have garnered positive reviews. She has been the opening act for such gospel legends as Tramaine Hawkins and the late Ronald Winans.

Danita is a former member of the Wings of Inspiration, an East St. Louis community choir co-founded by her husband, Robert Mumphard, Jr. Danita calls Robert her “musical soulmate,” and the couple has produced two other CDs—“Eternally” (gospel) and “With Love” (jazz)—in addition to “Watch God Work.” They have three children: Robbie, Amarria, and Jared.

Danita is a member of St. Louis Bible Way Church and has been the featured psalmist at churches in St. Louis, East St. Louis, Atlanta, and Louisville, Ky. Mumphard, a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, is an academic adviser at her alma mater.

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