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With Love

by Danita Mumphard

Released 2005
Stratosphere Music Group
Released 2005
Stratosphere Music Group
For some, jazz is calming. For others, jazz is sensual. For Danita Mumphard, jazz is freedom--freedom to improvise, scat, moan, and deliver stratospheric vocals.
Presenting Jazz Stylist Danita Mumphard

Danita Mumphard takes song styling to another level with her debut jazz CD on the Stratosphere Music Group label. "With Love" features the legendary Trio Trés Bien and includes live and studio performances.

"Music always has been in our home and in my heart," Danita commented. And what a musical home that is--Danita's father is the bassist for Trio Trés Bien and her mother is a music teacher and minister of music. "How could I not want to sing when I constantly heard live jazz and gospel played under my roof!"

Danita's intricate vocalizations give classics like "Fever" and "When I Fall In Love" new life. Original compositions "Great Is Your Love" and "Wait Until The Time Is Right" will keep you enthralled.


"With Love" is a tribute to Danita Mumphard’s vocal elasticity. She has a beautiful sound and moves through her range with tremendous fluidity.
--Sara Holtzschue (

"This lady's got soul: She has an extraordinary name to complement an extraordinary talent ...Danita Mumphard!"
--Kristyn Pomranz (Riverfront Times)

"Mumphard takes song styling to another level with her debut jazz CD"...
--St. Louis American


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